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It is the website of Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon Greg Heffernan (IMC Number 13055) who is on the Specialist Register of the Irish Medical Council for Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery. He has completed further specialist Fellowship training in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the Nottingham Shoulder & Elbow Unit and the Reading Shoulder Unit.

He is based in Shanakiel Private Hospital for Outpatient Clinics and Operating Theatre sessions. Patient referrals are made through the patientís General Practitioner through the contact to the right. In conjunction with the staff at Shanakiel Hospital our aim is to provide a modern high quality patient-friendly Shoulder & Upper Limb Orthopaedic service.


Susan O’Connell
Secretary to Mr G Heffernan

Shanakiel Hospital
Sundays Well

Tel: 021-4305037

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